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LA FLEX TRAINING is all about providing clarity and results.


Bridging the gap between top quality strength training and your level or understanding of physical fitness. 

Every detail, every question can be answered clearly along with an example to best understand.

We focus on form and understanding. Anyone can regurgitate information, but few can explain and teach.

We provide a personalized training system that will help you achieve your fitness goals.

We are all about clarity, honesty and understanding.

This is what we do, We Welcome you to our family!


Are you new to fitness and simply don't know where to start?

Have you tried all the big box gyms and failed to achieve results?

Do you lack the accountability to take your workouts to the next level?

Were you once an athletic star and you keep getting hurt trying to get back in it?

We build the most efficient path to success.

Your results will depend on your goals, budget, and time commitment.




Step system


Take your body through dynamic stretches and multiple planes of motions. This is Not your average boring warmup. Proper warm up will improve your performance through the workout.


Target specific tight or dormant muscles around the hips and shoulders. Making sure your body is utilizing the right muscles for the right job is the best way to prevent injuries or compensations. 


The essence of our programs focus on strength training.The key to gaining strength, burning fat, getting toned and even ridding nagging aches. Properly exhausting muscles and allowing recovery is the cycle!




We Are Preventative Medicine & Exercise Is Medicine

Remove the confusion with getting Toned, Building Muscle or even relieving those Aches and Pains!

We provide professional guidance based off the most recent scientific research for all types of goals.

No program works for everyone and no program will work forever. Your body will change, as your body adapts, your coach will modify your plan so you continue to see optimal results.

Corrective/Preventative Training

You wouldn't drive to work everyday with the check engine light on would you?  Beginning any fitness program while dealing with minor aches, pains, and muscle imbalances, is a lot like doing just that! Taking your car to the mechanic before the initial problem escalates to something bigger and more costly is the responsible thing to do. Focusing on the specific nuances of your body will address any problem areas you may have. If you don't have problem areas, we will focus on the areas of your body that tend to get tight or are likely to get injured.

Resistance Training

Appropriate resistance training is necessary to improve strength, get toned or to build or maintain muscle. We may get caught in reps and weights but applying the correct stimulus to the proper technique is key. Less is more and more is less, we show you how to make the most with any tool or circumstance. 

Cardiovascular Training

Improving your heart function is crucial for your health and longevity. Cardio should be utilized to improve heart health and during active recovery. Only the correct amount of cardio work at the correct intensity will work for your goals. Doing the wrong type, at the wrong time, at the wrong intensity may be very inefficient at reaching your goal. In other words, cardio is the least of our concerns.

Nutrition Guidelines

If you want results, your eating habits must support that goal. We are a strong believer in that you are what you eat. While everyone has different eating habits based off of culture, upbringing and even access, one must come to a better relationship with food. We pride ourselves in learning the nutrient density of real foods and understanding how to apply the best practices while keeping a strong discipline on eating in moderation on all types of foods. Nutritional assistance can be provided upon further request.

Who created la flex training?

Perseo Vega

Fitness Coach, Gym Owner

Coach Perseo is born and raised from West Los Angeles. He is first generation El Salvadorean American. Raised by his Mother and Grandmother, Perseo grew up playing soccer, basketball, volleyball and also ran cross country. Having some of the most exhilarating memories while playing in sport lead Perseo to achieve a degree in Kinesiology, Exercise Science. Perseo had worked in retail since age 18 till the completion of his Bachelor's at age 26. Perseo supervised a Toys 'R Us, and managed a Walgreens while attending Cal State Northridge. Time and time again, Perseo has had positions to lead. These routines, following these systems, ultimately lead Perseo to the path he is on today. Since then, Perseo has 3 years in the private fitness industry, coaching over 500 individuals over that span ranging from 1 on 1 training, group fitness and online coaching. Perseo initially had his mind set out to be a physical therapist. It was during his internship in a semi private fitness program at CSUN where Perseo saw that he could utilize such modalities in a different setting without a clinical environment. Perseo attends annual fitness summits, is affiliated with the most prestigious gyms in the country through mastermind mentorship programs and is constantly looking to stay current with the latest and most efficient methods. Perseo has seen what works, what doesn't work. If it can be done wrong, it can be done right. Through clear explanation, proper guidance and consistent accountability, Perseo demonstrates how true coaching is teaching and not just supervision. Creating a better relationship with your physical and mental is key. Perseo is on a mission to make fitness accessible and possible for individuals of all shapes and sizes. 

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